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Arnold J. Inzko was born in Austria, moved to London England with a stopover in Paris, France and then migrated to the USA where he served in the Army.  He attended OSU, KSU and CSU to earn a degree in mechanical engineering.  He worked in GE, TRW, Textron and Cerro Metal where he progressed to engineering manager.  He wrote DOS manuals, numerous engineering papers and his autobiography as well as fiction and science fiction novels.  Recently he taught computer essentials, mechanical drafting, CNC, metrology and machine tool programming at South Hills School of Business and Technology, in State College, PA.
A spark of light caught my eye at night
It dealt with earthling’s technical might
I rose to fetch a blue writing tablet
And a pencil from the plastic goblet

I started with a list of deeds
Which I got from a file of leads
First with a pencil and the common wheel
Ending with a computer and the space mobile

Arnold Inzko

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Arnold:WWII to 9/11

This book is the life story of an adventurous world traveler and survivor.  His life story is captivating, because he based it on cause and effect.
It began with the death of his grandparents and continued with his survival during WWII.  His affiliations with German soldiers and at the end of the war with the English occupation are fascinating and original.
He noted his exiting accounts during his tenures in Paris France and in London England.  Then he migrated to the United States on the Queen Mary.  He faced a number of narrow escapes, in the US Army and a wound in his lower back, inflicted with a kitchen knife by his first wife, missing his kidney by only 2 millimeters.
This life story further describes his professional life as he advanced from tool and die maker to manager of tool and die departments and of engineering.  During this period, he married his second wife, with whom he had two children.  While he worked as an engineer, he applied for numerous patents. At the advent of PC’s, he mastered DOS and wrote a pamphlet about it.  He retired at the age of sixty-five, but after two months of retirement he became restless and found a teaching job at a local college, where he taught Windows, CAD, CNC Programming and Machine Tool Technology.
Continuing in his retirement, he became an accomplished author, writing innovative Sci-Fi novels. 
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Best Seller

About White Slavery at the Desert Inn
Zaid Abu Bakr becomes of age and rekindles the Bakr’s ruthless slavery business.  He becomes a coldblooded master slaver and directs his slave mongers to abduct white teenage females in Europe and in Africa.  The slavers are experts in dealing with the brutal and merciless methods of human trafficking of slaves.  They capture teenage females from beaches, shopping malls, university parks and many other places that these unfortunate and innocent young women visit.  Fortunately for them, Inspector Bruno Schultz and Alfredo Mandolini have a score to settle, working relentlessly undercover, tracking down the Austrian and Italian abducted teenagers.  This leads them into the depths of Tunisia, including the dangerous desert, arid but full of life.  They travel in parts of Europe and in Tunisia, searching for leads to find these unfortunate females.
The novel describes the inner workings of humans trafficking; the methods used to train young white teenagers to become obedient sex slaves, serving ruthless Arabs in the depths of the Middle East and in the desert.  Both the human traffickers and the police will not spare their bullets, resulting in bloody battles, in order to achieve their goals.

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About White Slavery
Slave Village is a one of a kind Sci-Fi novel.  It describes the machinery of the still active, brutal and illegal business of human trafficking of white teenagers all over the world.  Zaid Abu Bakr is the ruthless master slaver.  However, Bruno Schultz and Alfredo Mandolini have a score to settle. They are tracking down Austrian and Italian abducted teenagers.  This leads them into the depths of Tunisia, including the dangerous desert, and they travel in parts of Europe, searching for leads to find these unfortunate females.
The novel is action filled, where both the human traffickers and the police will not spare bullets in order to control the crimes of the slave mongers.
It is a must-read Sci-fi story.  It describes the inner workings of humans trafficking; the brutal methods used to train young white teenagers to become obedient slaves, serving ruthless Arabs in the depths of the Middle East.

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About Alien Raiders

Alien reptiles use human females for their sexual pleasures until they pass out and then the poor women disappear from the face of earth.  Similarly, pigs and cattle disappear.  Fishermen report that a disk like craft lifts tons of tuna from the ocean.
FBI Agents travel all over the world as well as in outer space to find out who might be responsible for the disappearance of humans and animals.  Once they find out they deal with the problem.  When the agents think that humans are safe, a new danger, even greater, torments humans.
It is an action filled flowing novel.  Once you start reading you won’t be able to stop.

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About Slave Planet Earth
Humans, including nuns, disappear from the face of earth.  Pigs and cattle disappear. Japanese fishermen report that a disk like craft lifts tons of tuna from the ocean.
Who would be doing it and what is their reason?
The Persire Julius Hersey and FBI Agent Lena McCabe travel in the USA, in Mexico, in France and in outer space to find out who might be responsible for the disappearance of humans beings and live stock.  The investigators were stunned to find out that an alien, reptilian race, called the Ducazians invaded earth and use living entities from earth as their sex objects as well as their food supply.  And why shouldn’t they?  After all, earthlings use cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep, deer, rabbits and fish for their food supply.  And, on rare occasions they still engage in cannibalism.
Is that a fair condition?
To the Ducazians it is.  To the humans it is not.  Because humans and Persires look similarly, they form a partnership.  Conflict arises.  A war breaks out between the Persires and their archenemies, the Ducazians.  Persires die.  Humans die.  Reptiles die.
The Lord Mayor of the Persires builds a roboid factory.  Because of a malfunctioning air-conditioning system, the roboid, Phebious, assumes human characteristics and starts his own movement more dangerous than the Ducazians could ever dream of.

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About Roboids
In 2016, two types of individuals live on our earth.  Wretched humans, subjected to disease and famine, as well as Roboids, which are immune to it.  The Roboids are threatening to control the world and go to the extent of engaging in sexual activity with humans.  They are killing off deprived humans, as well as humans that are a danger to them.
FBI agents, Lena McCabe and Julius Hersey have the dangerous and unpleasant duty to find out why humans die at an alarming rate.  Their search takes them from the hot and dangerous Tunisian desert to countries across the pond, nestled at the foothills of the beautiful Austrian Alps.  What causes the famine and the spread of disease?  Are the Roboids about to control the world?  Or are humans going to survive the perils?

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ABOUT Messengers from the Past
The distant past is a mysterious period and very little is known about it.  However, we know that nearly four-hundred-thousand years ago, the Igitans incarcerated the Urians.  The Urians decided to free themselves of these dominating shackles and they escaped deep underground.  They established three cities where they lived.  Since they were totally isolated, lived controlled and restricted lives, their males lost their ability to reproduce.  Eventually, Aramu, their leader decided to do something about it.
The ones that chose to stay above ground became our earthlings.  They tried to be peace loving but were frequently involved in wars.  One of those earthlings was Ben Neidermeier, who by accident met Aramu in a mine shaft.  Through a bizarre twist of faith, he met Nimali the medical officer of the Urians.
An Excerpt
Aramu came to earth from a distant planet and he decided to improve parts of the human race.  He met Ben and he introduced Nimali to him, the beautiful Urian medical officer.  Ben studied the features of this female.  She has a heart-shaped face, small ears without lobes, slightly slanted wide set eyes and she wore a gold band above her forehead to maintain control of her abundant light hair.  As Aramu and Ben walked along a corridor, Aramu telepathically communicated with Nimali to get herself ready to mate with Ben.  They arrived in Nimali’s laboratory.  It was a clinically maintained area, serving the Urians.  She walked to one of the hospital beds and seductively leaned against it.  While Ben still studied her features, she reached to her neck and released a clasp.  The thin robe dropped to the ground and Ben forgot studying her facial features.  She had bronze-like skin, lighter in some areas of her body and absolutely no body hair.  Her breasts were large and firm, pre-Sumerian gods positioned her vulva high, and it appeared larger than normal.  Ben thought, what am I doing?  He did what he hoped he would never have to do again in the future; that is, comparing this female to his wife, on the surface of earth.  What else could he do?  That is all that poor Ben knows.  During this ordeal, Ben forgot that he was married, blaming it on Aramu and his domineering approach, keeping him in chains, nearly whipping him, until he fulfilled his duty.  Ben enjoyed the interlude, copulating with this female, and discharged an abundant quantity of semen in this striking woman’s vagina.  Six months later, Nimali gave birth to a strong and attractive male and Nimali named him Benson.…

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About Alien Spaces in Similar Places
Alien Spaces in Similar Places is a Sci-fi, short story for young adults.  Ashton Claiborne, a young and smart lad, played with his mirrors in the attic of his home.  He came upon his great grandfather by sheer accident, during a frightening trip into the past, wandering into a parallel space.  He found out that his great grandfather was a criminal, dealing in moonshine whiskey.  His sister traveled with him and helped him during this adventure.  This is a delightful story for young adults and it is derived from a real life experience

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About The Immigrant
When Ben Neidermeier was 19, he and his father met an American general from the Consolidated North American States. Ben, code-named Gordon, owned a gun shop in Ferlach, Austria, and with the help of the General, moved across the Atlantic. In 2012, Ben and his father, Paul Neidermeier, live in North America and Ben works on a project to protect the freedom of the CNAS. The adventurous science fiction story surrounding his pursuit and the covert operations related to it are vividly told in The Immigrant, a novel available at WordClay Publishing
Ben, an expert gunsmith, is the only one known to hold the potential to complete the project given to him; to develop a silent laser stun gun to be used to fight rebels and keep their European counterparts from getting their hands on the valuable element Tybium in the hills of Pakindia, the consolidated state of what was India and Pakistan.
Ben works on this project, stretching his knowledge to come up with a solution. While working on the covert operation for the CNAS's Secret Home Department Ministry, he and his father both become romantically involved with two women, who later become their wives.  Ben’s wife, Malika and Paul’s wife, Hilda learn that they are expecting children. 
It is a unique story of international politics, future worldwide weaponry and upcoming everyday technology.

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About Quintessence
Employees of NASA and of the Research and Development Company working with NASA, are committing industrial espionage, delivering secret manufacturing details to Russia.  Vera Anderson, from RDC, wrote a program to establish a new level on the World Wide Net and something went terribly wrong.  When she tapped the enter key on her laptop, she ended up in Cyberspace, a lonely and hostile environment.  With the help of her alien, electronic, cyber replica, Vera intercepted C-mail messages that delt with espionage activities.  This is how she found out that three employees, working at the companies above are committing high-level cyber crimes.  The security folks for the two companies dealt with this unacceptable situation.

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About The Sibling’s Legacy
In the year 3045, Dr. Renner and Dr. Wendell program their time travel phase engine to travel back in time to 1845AD.  Something goes horribly wrong and they propel into the past to 1.6 million BC.  Wendell pulls the plug, nearly breaking his arm, to stop the treacherous trip.  Both men leave the capsule and they find two siblings hungry and screaming, behind a large rock.  Their mother holds them with their right arm, while a hungry saber tooth wolf devours her left arm.  The mother eventually dies and the doctors save the siblings from certain death, killing the wolf with their phasors.  They return them to 3045 AD.  It is their challenge, with the help of Tania, a roboid, to adapt their siblings to their new environment.  Will they succeed in their quest and will the siblings leave a legacy?

Best Seller

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ABOUT Energy Metal
Energy Metal is a fast moving story about the control of the Tybium ore metal.  Manufacturers use it to produce Bentine a powerful and clean energy source, which is presently used in cars, planes and trains.  Both, the old and the new worlds are attempting to gain control and vicious struggles arise in an effort to determine who will someday have control over this precious, metallic power source.  In the year of 2013, the newly elected leaders of the two countries solved their differences peacefully.
Ben Neidermeier, code name Gordon, is playing a vital part in this conflict over the Energy Metal, working for the Secret Home Department Ministry of the Consolidated North American States.  His most notable adversary is Sven Bjorken, a Viking from Iceland, who works for the Consolidated States of Europe.  Both men engage in a vicious battle for their countries.  Who won?
This is a science fiction, adventure novel that touches on technology on philosophy, heredity, sociology and love.

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Best Seller

ABOUT Eternal Souls
Amal and Zora, two souls are competing against each other over the ultimate exploit of human control.  They are seeking, always seeking new hosts to enter them, to use them and to control them.  Before TIME, the souls were formless shadows, less than vapor, yet more than vacuum.  They drifted from infinity to galaxies and from one planet to the next, until they finally found earth.  First, they joined with creatures of monstrous size, unable to control and exploit them.  Later, they merged with bland and placid creatures of the aquatics, but they were no challenge to the souls.
At last, around 1,800,000 BC, they found two babies with marginal intelligence.  They entered their fragile bodies and used them for their ghastly needs to sustain combat, until the twins died.
At 3,000 BC, the souls found two Sumerian kings and they directed them into vicious and mortal combat.
At 100,000 AD, the souls learned about the distant future and their advanced ways of living in a sterile environment.  They succeeded there also.

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Short Stories

ABOUT The Boy in the Mirror

The Boy in the Mirror is a Sci-fi, short story for young adults.  Ashton Claiborne, a young and smart lad, played with his mirrors in the attic of his home.  While looking into his mirrors and concentrating on it, he came upon his great grandfather by sheer accident, during a frightening trip into the past, wandering into a parallel space.  He found out that his great grandfather was a criminal, dealing in moonshine whiskey, protecting his investments at any cost.  Ashton’s sister traveled with him and helped him during this scary adventure.  This is a frightening story for young adults and it is pure phantasy.

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                            The  Boy in Cyberspace
      A Series of novels for young Adults
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The Prodigies
Young Oliver Bell sat at the end of the dock.  He was doing his homework, while he was fishing.  When he tapped the enter key, something went horribly wrong.  He disappeared from the face of this earth.  Where could he be?  His mother looked for him and she was hysterical.  She had no chance of finding him, because he was abducted by an amphibian and transported to an alien city far below the ocean surface.  When the alien returned him to his mother, Oliver had a special talent, designed to benefit humanity.

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The Abductors
Diana Logan was missing.  Her parents were frantically trying to find her.  Their neighbors called Government Detective Jim Cavelli to help them trying to find her daughter Diana.  Jim Cavelli asked Oliver Bell to help him finding the whereabouts of Diana Logan.  Because of his rare ability to read minds, he found out from a student in the twelfth grade where Diana might be.  But, by the time the detective got to this place, another slave monger moved Diana to another far out location.  After a long journey across the USA, the detective finally caught up with her in a place with horrible circumstances.

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The Aliens
Artanis, a neighboring planet of earth, is in the process of deteriorating fast.  Its natural resources are nearly depleted.  Its inhabitants, the amphibians and the anthropods are archenemies and some are slowly moving to earth.  The amphibians are cave dwellers, protected by the depths of the oceans and they help earthling in their quest to improve technology.  The anthropods, on the other hand, incorporate slave labor on earth to manufacture their clothes and they steal cattle, tuna and giant turtles and then ship them to Artanis.  Government Detective, Jim Cavelli teamed up with Aquinus, a good looking amphibian, to fight bloody battles with the anthropods.  Who will win these battles?

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Government Detectives
The fourth book in this series will be published this year.  It is about industrial espionage.  It deals with Oliver Bell’s ability to read minds, wet computers and pigs brains.


Five Fingers - One Thumb
Most people have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. But sometimes something goes wrong and a human ends up with extra digits. And surprisingly, having five fingers in these cases is usually a recessive trait. When people or animals are born with extra fingers this typically dominant trait is called polydactyly.
At first it may seem weird that a dominant trait is rare or a recessive trait is common but this actually happens all the time. For example, dwarfism is a dominant trait but uncommon in the population. So maybe it isn’t too weird that a common trait can be recessive. But what makes polydactyly a dominant or recessive trait? Who knows?


There are 12 months in a year and 12 hours in face of a clock.
There are 12 inches in a foot and twelve ounces in a pound.
A dozen is a quantity that means twelve and a gross is twelve dozen.
In astrology, there are 12 signs in the Zodiac.
In the Bible, Jacob had 12 sons and Jesus had twelve disciples.
Twelve tribes were started after Moses led his people out of Egypt.
The human body has twelve cranial nerves and twelve pairs of ribs.
Twelve men have walked on the Earth’s moon.
There are twelve people on a jury.
Twelve face cards in a deck.
On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Twelve Drummers Drumming…
There are many more unique example of the number twelve.

Runes:  The original Alphabet

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